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       syn·er·gy noun \ˈsi-nər-jē\:
                                  the interaction of elements that
              when combined produce a total effect
                         greater than the sum of the individual elements

Working together to create state of the art medical facilities

The Stone Ridge Development team is your ally for your healthcare facility future. Stone Ridge Development is a real estate development firm specializing in healthcare facility development and construction, and we specialize in providing the perfect balance of services needed to coordinate the development, construction and management of your healthcare facility. Coordinating a healthcare facility development is a complex and risky process requiring a combination of experience, ingenuity and knowledge to ensure the project’s success. We utilize a unique and innovative approach to ownership, project development, facility management and construction financing providing our clients with a complete healthcare solution from concept to reality. Our team partners with hospitals, healthcare providers and/or investors to create, to implement and to manage healthcare facilities and strives to create a community anchored by a healthcare facility with a synergistic relationship between each component of the development.



What makes Stone Ridge Development different?

From Vision to Reality . . .
       Your Total Healthcare Facility Solution

Stone Ridge Development manages the project process from inception to completion including funding start-up working capital, if needed. Being intimately involved at all levels of the project allows us to deliver the highest quality project in the shortest timeframe with the lowest risk to our clients/partners. Stone Ridge manages the project and partners with a team of carefully selected designers and builders to assure project success. We believe that communication is one of the keys to successful healthcare facility development, and that is why we take the time to get to know our partners and their values, goals and objectives. Those relationships allow us to work together to achieve success. Each of our projects is given individual attention from start to finish ensuring that the result exceeds expectations. In our projects we create an environment of synergy not only among the project participants but also among the completed project’s components, creating a medical/retail community that interacts for the benefit of all. Contact us today to discuss your vision.


Latest Projects

St. John Hospital - Broken Arrow, OK

Opened in 2010, St. John Broken Arrow is a six-story, 68-bed hospital located at Elm (161st Street) and Albany (61st Street) in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services, including emergency care, women’s services, orthopedic services, joint replacement, general surgery and all-digital diagnostic imaging services.

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Featured in Healthcare Design

Stone Ridge Development's St. John Broken Arrow project was featured on the cover of Heathcare Design in the November 2010 issue. The article discusses how the design-build development model is saving hospital owners and developers time and money.

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